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Marketing Wonders of the World: The List Begins

In this day and age, everything seems to be about marketing — politics, education, philanthropy…and the vast array of products and services that are made and sold. There are zillions of books and articles about the “7 Wonders of the World.” So why haven’t I seen anything about the “Marketing Wonders of the World?” A […]

The Changing Nature of Sales & Selling

I have lots of friends who work in traditional sales roles. The interesting issue is that fewer and fewer have traditional sales titles. The ones that do — inside sales, telemarketing, field sales, sales rep, etc — have to work extra hard to overcome the bad vibes of the stereotype. Daniel Pink, author of a […]

Anatomy of a Solutions Marketer

The word “solution” is now part of the technology marketing landscape. It started to gain popularity back in the 1990s when we were trying to describe an integrated system that included hardware and software and services…a package that’s more application-focused and more directly solves customer problems. But now, as many of you know, I have […]

Planning an event or trade show or attending one?

A friend of mine, Gwyn Thakur, recently launched a new web site called which is a comprehensive information resource for trade show managers, event planners and even business travelers.¬† I had the unique opportunity to review this site in its early inception when it was focused just on the city of Boston, and it […]