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Being Grateful and Thank You!

Some may have heard by now that I am stepping down from my post at Telesian with my partner-in-crime, Shari Worthington.   I was offered a spectacular new position at a company in Rochester, New Hampshire, and I could not resist the opportunity to try something new.  For those who are curious, the company I am […]

Staying Competitive with the Business Model Canvas

Global competition and a continued weak economy have made innovation and growth a challenge for all companies, large and small. Where do I get the funds to invest in true innovation? What can I create that’s really different from the zillions of products and services already available? It’s hard work rethinking business strategy. So when […]

Pinterest? Are You Kidding? Focus til You Get Social Marketing Right

I just saw another Tweet about how Pinterest isn’t only for consumer marketers. Give me a break. Have you seen the state of tech / industrial social marketing? There’s no way most companies should be jumping on Pinterest yet…they’re still trying to get their blogging and YouTube acts together. If you don’t have good content […]

Anatomy of a Solutions Marketer

The word “solution” is now part of the technology marketing landscape. It started to gain popularity back in the 1990s when we were trying to describe an integrated system that included hardware and software and services…a package that’s more application-focused and more directly solves customer problems. But now, as many of you know, I have […]