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SlideShare – The Quiet Giant

I came across information on SlideShare and wanted to share.  SlideShare is one of my favorite social networks, as many highly valuable searches for content are conducted there every day.  If you are looking to  find information on just about anything, start with a search there – chances are that someone has posted a presentation […]

What Eye Tracking Studies Reveal About Gen Y and Web Sites

In a new research paper by WPI Professor Soussan Djamasbi, we have our first look into Gen Y’s likes and dislikes when it comes to web pages. Gen Y’s are particularly interesting because they’ve been exposed to technology since childhood. They’re tech savvy and they’re short on attention span. That makes them an interesting target […]

Social Media Guidelines: What We Can Learn from Apple’s “Oops”

If you mention the phrase “social media” in front of senior execs, don’t be surprised if the color drains from their faces. It’s a Gen Y-dominated world that many business managers just don’t get. Worse, there is a lot of fear about what can and can’t be said with respect to your employer. How do […]

Social is the New Norm: Social Media in 2011

Brian Solis shared some interesting statistics about the State of Social Media in 2011 and that it’s now a “new norm”.  In fact, its unlikely we’ll keep calling it “social media”, as everything will soon just have a social component to it.  I’ve noticed the hype around social media is dying down, which is a […]