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Losing the Love: Why People Unsubscribe, Unfollow, Unfriend

A study issued this week by Exact Target and Cotweet called “The Social Break-Up”  investigated the reasons why people unsubscribe, unfollow, or unfriend our email and social activities.  I always love seeing the reasons behind why things happen. I know why I do it, and wondered if it mirrored what the survey indicated. The study […]

101 Marketing Charts to Share

In my email this morning, I came across this stack of marketing charts in PPT format that I thought was worth sharing. The slides were generated by HubSpot and is a compilation of three studies they conducted over the year. Some data points were interesting about email conversions, offer rankings, and social media stats.  With […]

Twitter in Newspaper form at

Would you like Twitter better if it came across in newspaper form?  On some days it certainly has some merit.  I came across on Twitter from my friend Mike Boudreaux. I did the usual sign-up-right-away and then did nothing with it.  But lately I’ve been seeing it be used in interesting ways.  I wanted […]

Podcast: How to Create Valuable, Relevant Content for Social Media

As more brands are jumping on board with integrating social media tools into their marketing plans and campaigns, it becomes painfully obvious that creating and managing good, shareable content has its challenges.   In this podcast, I spend some time talking with Mike Boudreaux, Product Manager at Emerson Process Management and Jon DiPietro, entrepreneur, blogger and […]