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Humanizing Your Brand – Google Chrome Campaign

In the recent weeks, Google launched a new campaign for Chrome, and I must say I that I like it. First off, it provides a very human view of how a “user” would potentially use a browser like Chrome.  Google is calling it it’s biggest “offline campaign ever” because it is using TV ads to […]

Corning: Storytelling Through Video

We often hear that marketing departments need to be making more videos…and the pressure is on. What to create?  How to best tell the story? I came across this article on Mediapost about Corning’s recent video that tells a story about the future of glass, and it has skyrocketed in views on YouTube – almost […]

How many videos did you watch last month?

In the process of researching information for an upcoming presentation, I came across this article about video growth and watching behavior that got my attention.  A recent comScore study showed that in the month of May, an average of 100 videos was viewed per viewer across all video sites. How many videos did you watch […]