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Thought Leadership: Get Published

In response to our recent blog post, Building Thought Leadership: White Papers, Blogs, and More, we received an interesting bit of news from Vance VanDoren, PhD, System Integration Editor for Control Engineering Magazine. Trade magazines like Control Engineering are eagerly seeking informative material that will be interesting and useful to our readers in the industrial […]

The Impact & Value of Search Engine Rankings

Search is a cornerstone of the Internet economy and an essential part of the daily lives of many social and business users. According to a new study from McKinsey & Company, The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search, in 2010, the average US Internet user performed about 1,500 searches. That’s 4+ searches a day. Over the […]

Three Tiers of Email IPs: Beware Group #2

To continue our discussion on email tales from hell, here’s an excerpt from a MarketingSherpa blog post that shows I am not the only one concerned about the quality of the many compiled and “verified” but definitely NOT opt-in lists. Note the concerns in Group #2, which is where list brokers fall. One of many […]

Tales from Email List Hell

After what I went through this morning, I’ve decided we need to start a thread on the topic of email list experiences from hell. I have one to get us started. One of our clients asked about purchasing third-party email lists. We warned them that this part of the marketing industry is still in rough […]