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Is BP missing their golden opportunity?

As the days progress with this oil spill, one thing keeps circulating in the back of my mind:  This could have been BP’s shining moment. But it’s not, and in fact, as every day passes, the brand perception of BP continues to swirl down the perception drain. Their CEO botched opportunities to build support and […]

Social Media Marketing

I started teaching marketing courses in the grad program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall of 2009. I loved it and am now teaching 3-4 courses a year there. One of the students I met in my first class is Steve Shin, a bright young man already at work in the Internet marketing space. […]

E-Marketing Best Practices: Latest Research

A wealth of new research is out to help us fine tune our e-marketing programs, from the web site (the cornerstone of any e-marketing program) to search marketing to e-mail marketing to social media. How does your implementation compare with these best practices? • All important calls to action need to stay above the fold […]

What Happens to Communications Without the B2B Publishing Model?

The Internet has pushed hard on businesses and business models, in some cases upsetting entire industries. Case in point…publishing. Juliann recently wrote about the newspaper industry and their struggle to survive in a world of aggregated news content that’s freely available to anyone with a browser. Now we see the B2B publishing industry showing significant […]