Content Sharing – What goes where?

A couple of weeks ago, there was a discussion on the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit LinkedIn Group about content sharing. The problem was that management wanted to see more information being shared in social networks, but really, is posting a press release really that effective? Sure you can check off that you shared it, but what does it gain?  Based on that backdrop, I provided my ten cents on what content is best shared where.

Here was my ten cents on where to post what:

LinkedIn Company Page – all company news, tools, developments, training, events. People subscribe and can opt in or out.

LinkedIn Groups – information as it relates to the audience in that group  – webinars, white papers, conferences/training, general articles/events of interest (not company specific), jobs, partner opps, etc. Video links can go here, but the platform doesn’t lend itself well to sharing videos.

If you manage a LI Group, there is a little more leeway. If you are just a member, each group has rules and you will need to follow them. Post Promotional items in that section, Jobs in that section, etc. Share useful information as it relates. Be a good member, honor your place there.

Facebook Pages (that you manage): Company news, tools, developments, events, general articles of interest not company related. Videos work great here. People subscribe and can opt in or out. But also, Follow other FB Pages in your market, share their items that they post. It’s a two way street here and will help with engagement on your page as well as expanding your audience.

Twitter – Since its a fast moving information stream, you can post just about everything here. You can post press release links, but if that’s all you post it is a waste of time. You need a mix of useful industry wide information with your own company information. 80/20 rule holds true here – where 20% is your company stuff.

Slideshare – Post all public PPTs, PDFs, white papers, video, webinar recordings here (but video and recordings require a paid subscription).

YouTube/Vimeo – videos, webinar recordings

Company Blog: Focus on producing your own good technical content, sharing others good technical content, educational and training, webinars and other event-related information. Press releases are a No here. Videos, sharing PPTs, white papers, tools, are all good content fodder for the blog. You can leverage and integrate your outposts such as YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo here.

I may have forgotten something, but feel free to chime in and add your ten cents!

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