Effective E-mail Marketing Tactics

Spam filters, time of day, HTML formatting…there’s a lot to worry about in an e-mail marketing program. What tactics work best? In an excerpt from MarketingSherpa’s new Email Marketing Benchmark Report, we see relevant content leading the list.

Effective Email Marketing Techniques

The business buying process is usually long and complex. So it is important to target your marketing, matching customers with relevant messages. But content also needs to be aligned with the buying process. You don’t present an application note on bug fixes to a person who is encountering your company/web site for the first time. You do offer options: a product selection chart, a white paper on the technology being used in the product, a case history on how company A is using the product, a video demo, etc.

This applies to your e-mail marketing program as much as it does to web site, PR, and channel development efforts. Once you get the content worked out, then you can then focus on the methods of delivery.

Make sure you’re working your in-house mail list. Establish a drip marketing program that keeps your name and your USP in front of customers and prospects. A regular e-newsletter is the best place to start. But make sure it’s filled with informative and compelling content. Oh look, we circled back to content again!! 🙂

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