How many videos did you watch last month?

In the process of researching information for an upcoming presentation, I came across this article about video growth and watching behavior that got my attention.  A recent comScore study showed that in the month of May, an average of 100 videos was viewed per viewer across all video sites. How many videos did you watch last month?  I don’t know if it was 100 for me, but it may have been 25-40.  Between Facebook, Twitter and my son constantly sending me YouTube videos, it creeps up there.   It’s amazing how fast things have shifted.  Get this:

New data from comScore shows that 183 million U.S. Internet users watched online video during the month of May. achieved record levels of viewing activity with an all-time high of 14.6 billion videos viewed and surpassing the threshold of 100 videos per viewer for the first time.

U.S. Internet users watched nearly 34 billion videos in May, with Google Sites ranking as the top video property with 14.6 billion videos, representing 43.1% of all videos viewed online.

So the question for marketers is…how are your plans for video coming? Do you have some in process?  If not, then you need to think about how to produce a video.  And not just a talking head video, but a video that is creative, something that comes at a problem or idea in a new way. Like Old Spice did.

Did you catch the Old Spice video campaign that was happening this week?  You can read the full story here, but the short story:

The Procter & Gamble Co. brand released more than 180 videos featuring the campaign’s star, ex-football player Isaiah Mustafa. In the videos, he responds personally to online queries or comments from various Web users and some famous ones, including Ellen DeGeneres and Alyssa Milano.

The videos, all of which feature Mustafa in a towel speaking directly to the camera, have been steadily released over the last few days. On Friday, they accounted for eight of the most popular 11 videos on YouTube and more than 21 million views in total.

The videos are a bit corny but do garner a smile.  I gotta give it to Alyssa Milano who kicked things up a notch by challenging “Old Spice Man” to ante up $100k donation to a national fund for cleaning up the oil in the Gulf.

Now I recognize that most of us reading this campaign would think…how the heck would this apply in B2B?

Let’s not let our own limitations get in the way of good marketing ideas that could come out of this.  The point is engagement with others.  I could see a similar approach deployed at an event with customers, where you have a roaming video interviewer, asking questions about what people attending really want to know about your company.  And then taking time to respond to each person, in video.  Of course, logistics would need to be sorted out to make it all happen, and it may take a more serious tone, but wouldn’t that be cool?  It would be a fantastic way to wrap up an event with a video of responses.  And fun too…


  1. Vickie says:

    Wow, Juliann. Thank you for such great food for thought. Love the idea about roaming questions get video answers. I’ll definitely be thinking about that. I think you mean like at a conference? That would definitely be an interesting project, esp. to get it ready to play the same day.

    I had a similar idea of interview the big sponsors of an expo and feed it thru the system so it was like “live on the street” reporting. Ended up too complex at our venue.


  2. juliann says:

    Hi Vickie,
    Thanks for the comment. I was talking about a conference venue. I do imagine there would be some logistics that need to be worked out. Streaming live is harder than taping and editing, good for you for pushing the envelope…even if it didn’t happen. We just need that one opportunity next time around 🙂

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