In a Recession, Everyone Should Be in Marketing

This great blog post by Rosabeth Moss Kanter is apropos as we wind our way through the summer in hopes of an economic turnaround this fall.

Are you facing falling customer orders? Slower renewals? Cancellations? Requests for ever-deeper discounts?

Those are silly questions. Of course you are experiencing these recession symptoms. And you have probably cut budgets and jobs more than you like.

So now what? When you can’t (and shouldn’t) cut any further, you can leverage the creativity of the people on your team. This is truly the time when employees are your most important assets — for real, not just in slogans. In a recession, everyone should be in marketing. Motivated employees contribute to creative thinking that can help retain current customers and identify new ones.

Here are five suggestions:
1. Increase customer contact and communication.
2. Start looking for new markets now.
3. Invest in employee morale.
4. Emphasize and reward small wins.
5. Stick with your values.

Read the full article on the Harvard Business Publishing web site. Start meeting with company employees in small groups to help them learn how turn their view of the world around and start looking at the company through your customers’ eyes.

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  1. Frankly, the economic climate should be a wake-up call and a reminder that everyone should be in marketing all of the time. Sometimes it is easy to become complacent and a company and its employees must force itself forward. It’s just unfortunate that so many find themselves in such a situation during a tough time.

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