In Memory of Steve Jobs, Innovator Extraordinaire

I briefly met Steve Jobs at the unveiling of Lisa Computer at the National Computer Conference (NCC) in Anaheim, California way back in 1983. He was a great salesman his entire life…then and now.

Who else could turn the music industry upside down and convince the major labels to buy into Apple’s view of the coming world of digital music? This was just after the music industry had crushed poor Napster. The incredible innovation behind the iPod/iTunes business model was and is still apparent to many, even those outside the world of business strategy. Jobs proved, over and again, that he was a force to be reckoned with…an innovator with tremendous vision.

From tech products to advertising, he challenged the world to “think differently.” Here Steve is providing a sneak preview of the infamous 1984 ad that introduced Macintosh to the world. Look at him smile!

Telesian worked with Apple Computer for many years, back in the 1990’s…the “Jobs-less years.” We were brought in to help Gil Amelio’s team sell more Macs into scientific and engineering applications. We formed the Consortium for Lab & Industrial Applications of the Macintosh, a vendor consortium, and the MacSciTech user group. It was a struggle against the IBM powerhouse. But we had fun, won some awards, and made in-roads into more creative applications, like biotech research and pharmaceutical development. We even had some success in manufacturing. National Instruments first released its well-known LabVIEW graphical programming environment for the Macintosh in 1986. It followed with a Windows version in 1992. This spawned a number of Mac-based instrumentation systems.

Then Steve came back to Apple. He refocused the company on the consumer markets. Many thought he was crazy. But the iPod swept away the Sony Walkman and iTunes secured Apple’s place in history. It’s been a string of admirable successes since then.

We wish Apple well and are happy to see their stock rebounding today after the sad loss of one of their key founders. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You have given more to this world in your all-too-short lifetime than most could in multiple lives.

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  1. CharlieR says:

    Man of innovation and creativines! RIP. liked his fb page

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