Magalogs Work…Intense Wins Readership Award

Magalogs — part industry magazine, part product catalog — are one of the best lead generation devices for the technical markets. These self-published pieces provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in a technology and target markets through info-packed, educational articles. Mixed in, just like an industry magazine, are opportunities for you to pitch your products and services. And just like a magazine, your pitch will come across as more credible than a stand-alone advertisement because these articles show your knowledge before you make the pitch.

Magalogs are great to use as offers in promotional programs. And, if written correctly, can be used for extended periods of time. Take Intense Ltd, a manufacturer of high performance laser diodes. Their magalog, which we produced several years ago, is still winning awards! Specifically, Intense came in #2 in PhotonicOnline’s Top 10 of 2010.

The magalog, called a Guide to Custom High Power Laser Diodes, includes articles that develop and support Intense’s position in the market as an innovative developer and flexible supplier: “Guidelines for Laser Diode Specifications,” “Finding the Right Diode Supplier: The Importance of Flexibility,” “Quantum Well Intermixing: Driving the Development of Next Generation System.”

Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) is a fundamental semiconductor process used by Intense to set new standards for the performance, reliability, and manufacturability of high power laser diodes. QWI enables the integration of passive regions at the facets of laser diode emitters, arrays, and bars giving excellent performance, enhanced reliability, and superior manufacturing yield. The advance of QWI technology allows for the development of small form-factor, cost effective, and extremely versatile optical systems that can dramatically change the dynamics of existing products and create whole new market segments. The disruptive nature of Intense’s revolutionary QWI laser technology is powering a wide range of laser diode products that require the precise delivery of optical energy, such as digital printing, advanced welding systems, and defense electronics.

Also included are several handy reference charts: a wavelengths guide and the Periodic Table of the Elements. Then, to make the pitch, is information on the company’s range of diodes.

The magalog is easily updated each year and continues to draw significant traffic. Looking for a way to stand out from the crowd? A magalog is a great way to tell your story and generate leads.

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