Marketing is Not the Dark Side

Dick Morley, engineer extraordinaire and inventor of the programmable logic controller (PLC), penned an interesting article in InTech Magazine entitled, “Marketing is Not the Dark Side.” Intruging comment from an engineer.

Dick is also an angel investor who has been paying a lot of attention to what works and what doesn’t in technology companies. In this article, he cites research that analyzed 80 startup technology companies and rated them from flaming failures to soaring successes.

The research found that every company with a marketing:engineering ratio of less than 1:1 was a failure, e.g. not commercially successful. There were no exceptions. There was no probability curve. As Dick states, “You definitely will not be a success if you are operating with less than 1:1 M/E ratio.”

Dick concludes, “We [engineers] can make anything, but we cannot sell anything. Allocation and focus are necessary to our company. Logic and emotion have no place in the market direction. Facts are everything. If we do not follow the facts, we will be out of work. Marketing is not the dark side, we are. Deal with it.”

Read Dick’s full article.

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