Online Lead Gen Takes Priority

Just came across this post by eMarketer about a new report on online lead generation…

Based on the quantity and quality of leads generated, companies said email was their best lead generation program, followed by live events, website registrations and webinars. The effectiveness of online channels, coupled with the fact that prospects indicate the web is the first place they look for more information, makes it natural for companies to be increasing their investments in web design, email marketing and search engine optimization.

This is similar to what we have been seeing in our client base too.  Email is taking priority (it has been for awhile), and as Shari points out brands do matter in e-marketing. The problem is many companies do not have a strong web site to fully support an email campaign.  They use generic links to the home page in the email or landing page, leaving visitors to swim for themselves on web sites that are not well organized or are just plain confusing.   That’s why I thought this chart, which shows where investments are taking place was telling, because new web site design/content tops this list.  This is good news, since web sites really begin to get dated after a few years.  Also great to see online communities and blogs coming in at #3, this is an area that many companies need to step up and do.  Of course, we hope it’s more than another outlet to broadcast press releases, and a real strategy is developed so that these channels offer value for your market(s).

Change* in Lead Generation Investments, 2010 (% of companies worldwide)

Don’t Ditch Direct Mail Yet

Before we throw away all our direct mail plans (this chart shows 39% are spending less on direct mail this year), we need to remember that an all email communications plan can become a bit monotonous….  We’ve seen some direct marketing success using a multi-channel approach coupled with personalization tactics.  I wrote about this in the article “Spicing up your Direct Marketing Campaigns” in the last Telesian e-news.  Remember we all get bored with the same thing all the time.  So do our audiences. Make sure all email campaigns are tightly coordinated with good subject lines and offers and include suggested next steps to guide people through the buying process.  And if you can tie in another communication medium outside of electronic…like print (gasp), or an offer you can hold in your hands,  perhaps the message will finally get through the clutter.

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