Oracle on Twitter

I’m always curious to see what some of the bigger enterprise software companies like IBM,  Oracle and SAP are doing with social media.  So while cruising around, I found the “Oracle Mix Blog” which had a post about Oracle’s  Twitter accounts and trends for the various profiles.  Oracle has 13 twitter accounts out there, and are growing pretty well.   They share some follower/following ratios, follower growth over time, which was interesting.

I went and looked at all 13 Twitter profiles, most of them are broadcast only with little conversation.  So, if you want to keep up on Oracle activities, then find your ID that matches your interest (i.e., CRM, database, events) and follow away.  But don’t expect much in a conversation, they are a bit sparse there…with one exception…@oracletechnet who is very active, holds conversations and shares good tech information – not just Oracle related.   I find these types of profiles most valuable, you feel like there is a person behind the brand.

In some cases, like a main company Twitter profile, I can understand why there is little conversation, sometimes you need a centralized place to share information.  But other than that, when you get down to specific areas of interest, I think people are looking for a little more interaction.  After all, it’s a profile that someone has chosen tune into, so there is opportunity for dialog, insight, and so much more.

But before  you feel like you need to set up multiple Twitter profiles to meet all the specialty areas of interest, just be careful that you don’t become a broadcast king or queen.  People still want interaction.  That’s what made Twitter what it is today.

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