Planning an event or trade show or attending one?

A friend of mine, Gwyn Thakur, recently launched a new web site called which is a comprehensive information resource for trade show managers, event planners and even business travelers.  I had the unique opportunity to review this site in its early inception when it was focused just on the city of Boston, and it has grown to include all the major metropolitan areas including Anaheim, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, and the list goes on.

On the event planning side, what I like about this site is that it quickly gives you the info you need to make decisions when planning an event or trade show.  It includes a Convention Store that highlights sources for trade show displays, exhibitor services and promotional items.  The site also features “Conventional Wisdom” which features tips and information from event pro’s who have been there and done that.

Convention Center CityIf you are are traveling to a major city for a convention, there is great information to uncover for the savvy business traveler.  Restaurants, parking, transportation options are all summarized in one place making it a snap to research a group outing or dinner in that local area.

Finally, I totally appreciate the trade show calendar, which covers all the major events happening across convention centers in the US.  I know when I was planning major events and user conferences, it was always tedious to figure out what other competing events were happening at the same time. This schedule makes it snap to look at schedules by date, location, and more.

I hope you find it useful, and definitely bookmark it for future reference. Good luck, Gwyn!

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