Podcast: How to Create Valuable, Relevant Content for Social Media

As more brands are jumping on board with integrating social media tools into their marketing plans and campaigns, it becomes painfully obvious that creating and managing good, shareable content has its challenges.   In this podcast, I spend some time talking with Mike Boudreaux, Product Manager at Emerson Process Management and Jon DiPietro, entrepreneur, blogger and author of the soon to be published book “Social Media for Engineers”, both of whom have developed a certain style to creating and sharing content in social media networks.

Mike is a regular contributor to the award-winning EmersonProcessXperts blog and has developed a unique social media persona that reveals both a professional and personal side of Mike.  From talking about product management trends and experiences to discussing good barbecue grilling tips, Mike is masterful in the way he generates and shares content in social media circles.

Jon is also an avid social media user for his own IT consulting business and is helping several associations get their act together with a social media strategy.  Jon has developed a popular blog, DomesticatingIT, which provides useful information about IT, the Internet, and social media for those who aren’t so technically savvy.  He uses this blog as a platform to generate and share content throughout his social networks.

In this interview, Jon and Mike share some great insights as we discuss:

  • How did you get started in social media?
  • What’s the hardest part about planning content for social media?
  • How do you go about planning content, is it a formalized approach, spontaneous, a little of both?
  • Have you changed your content approach the longer you have been participating in social media?
  • What are some of the benefits you have experienced participating in social media?

The conversation takes a life of its own as Jon and Mike have quite a bit of experience to share. The interview ran a bit longer than usual, but it was such good information we wanted to make sure you got it all.

Listen to the podcast here.

Links mentioned in the podcast:
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Beyond Bullet Points: Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire by Cliff Atkinson

Made to Stick
by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
The Myths of Innovation
by Scott Berkun

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