Podcasts in 2010: What do you want to hear?

We’ve been producing podcasts at Telesian for the last year or so, and this year we want to step it up a notch.  Sometimes our podcasts work hand in hand with an article we have written, and sometimes we produce more educational podcasts, like the one we just released  “PR in a Social Media World.”  A library of our podcasts can be found here.

I wanted to invite you (our blog readers) to make suggestions topics that you feel you’d like to learn more about.  Or perhaps an interview an industry leader?

We are open to all suggestions, and would really appreciate your feedback.

To kick things off, here’s some topical suggestions on my list:

  • Email marketing tips
  • SEO tips
  • Blogging best practices
  • Measuring Social Media ROI

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.

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