Sales Psychology

Just ran across a shortened version of the sales psychology methodology that can help you adapt your selling style to your customer’s personality type. This from S&MM Magazine:

How to Identify Your Style and the Style of Your Customers

Start by identifying your customer’s style:

“D” Behavior
Demanding, directing and domineering. Individuals with this behavior style are usually ambitious, bold and impatient. They can also be argumentative and stubborn.

“I” Behavior
Interacting, inspiring, and influencing. Individuals with this behavior style are often expressive, charming, optimistic, cheerful and enthusiastic.

“S” Behavior
Supporting, stabilizing and steadying. These individuals are usually loyal, calm, patient, cooperative and humble.

“C” Behavior
Conscientious, cautious and correcting. These individuals are often diplomatic, meticulous, private, incisive and exact.

Now put this knowledge to work during the sales process:

Opening the call:

• Customer behavior type D: Be clear, specific, brief, and to the point.
• Customer behavior type I: Be friendly. Listen for both facts and feelings. Make time for relating and socializing.
• Customer behavior type S: Be genuinely sincere. Create a non-threatening environment for them.
• Customer behavior type C: Ask lots of questions and be patient while they answer in minute detail.

Obtaining commitment:
• Customer behavior type D: Briefly highlight their key options and ask for the order assertively.
• Customer behavior type I: Inspire them to action. Keep the close relaxed and friendly.
• Customer behavior type S: Detail how they can take practical action and confirm without pushing or rushing them.
• Customer behavior type C: Create a scheduled approach to implementing action with step-by-step timetables. Point out guarantees.

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