Just a little something short and sweet on an important topic: how to get the most bang for your buck out of search engines.

First tip: ignore all those e-mails you get that promise to get you onto the top 500 search engines for $50. They don’t work because all they do is submit your domain to the search engines so it will be indexed. But they don’t do any work on your site itself to make the content or coding any better and therefore more likely to be ranked well once you’re indexed by the search engines. Besides, you don’t care about the top 500 search engines; you really only care about the top 4 or 5: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Get good rankings on those and you’ll be doing spectacularly.

Second tip: 70+% of all activity on search engines comes from the natural (organic) search rankings (the non-advertising part). Therefore, make sure your search marketing program isn’t just pay per click advertising. If it is, you’re missing the bulk of the prospects. You need to add a good search engine optimization effort to your list of must-have’s in 2007. This involves refining the content and coding and linking of a site so it is more easily indexed and more highly ranked by the search engines. And the only way to do it right is to work your way through the site, page by page, refining as you go. If an outside firm says they can optimize your site for $500, don’t believe them. They’re either using illegal tactics (which can get you blacklisted for up to 12 months) or they won’t actually get you any decent rankings.

Search engines are being used for millions of searches every month. It’s not easy to make significant inroads when you and a few million others are all fighting for space.

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