SlideShare – The Quiet Giant

I came across information on SlideShare and wanted to share.  SlideShare is one of my favorite social networks, as many highly valuable searches for content are conducted there every day.  If you are looking to  find information on just about anything, start with a search there – chances are that someone has posted a presentation or paper about it.  We’ve been recommending to our clients to start a SlideShare account to share all types of content from PPTs, PDFs of all kinds (brochures, white papers, etc), and for a small fee it will host videos and web casts that are larger than YouTube standards.  The even offer a service to host a web meeting among other things.

Check out the data below.  And set up your account pronto!

I found this originally from a Twitter Share by @b2bspecialist, its origin is from a collaboration with SlideShare and ColumnFive.

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