Social Media IDs, Grab Them Now!

This morning I was catching up on some industry reading and started to read an article in FastCompany called The 5 P’s of Social Media.  Having the 5 Ps of Marketing drilled into me, this caught my attention.  The article was good, but one thing jumped out at me because it confirmed something I’ve been thinking.

Cybersquatters, the kind of who buy up domain names just to sell them back to you, are hitting the Social Media space.   It won’t be long before we are “purchasing” our IDs back from people who should not have them in the first place.  Like we do with domain names now.  It has the potential to be a whole business.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because you need to go out there and claim your social media profile names NOW, while they are still free and you can control how you want to use it.   Even if you are on the fence about social media and how you want your business to participate, you need to reserve your identity now.  Before you find yourself with some inane, ridiculous combination name that has nothing to do with your business or spending budget money that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Wonder how you do this?

Go to the web site of choice, like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and set up a profile.  It’s that easy.

If you’re nervous about leaving a blank profile, you can always write a friendly note in your profile bio to let people know what you are up to. Honesty prevails over vanity in this space.

And if you’re still unsure, give us a call and we can talk more about it.

Until next time…


  1. sharilee says:

    Man, I logged onto Facebook early Saturday morning and I was still too late to get /sharilee. So you all will have to find me under – boring, but useful 🙂

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  3. juliann says:

    Thanks James, your thoughtful comment is very much appreciated. We’re glad that you are finding it useful, that’s what we set out to do but it’s always nice getting feedback like yours! Spread the word!

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