Stats on McCain vs. Obama Online

This straight from Jeremiah Owyang’s blog from last evening, I thought the statistics would be interesting to share today.  It shows how the 2 candidates (one soon to be President) stacked up in the social media spheres.   Clearly Obama outperformed McCain…and later will be the real telling answer in how successful this effort was:

Internet Usage in United States
United States Population: 303,824,646
Internet Usage: 220,141,969
Penetration rate: 72.5%
Growth from 2000-2008: 130.9%
Stats from Internet WorldStats (Census, Nielson)

Obama: 2,379,102 supporters
McCain: 620,359 supporters

Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain

Obama: Friends: 833,161
McCain: Friends: 217,811

Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain

Obama: 1792 videos uploaded since Nov 2006, Subscribers: 114,559 (uploads about 4 a day), Channel Views: 18,413,110
McCain: 329 videos uploaded since Feb 2007 (uploads about 2 a day), Subscribers: 28,419, Channel Views: 2,032,993

Obama has 403% more subscribers than McCain
Obama has 905% more viewers than McCain

Obama: @barackobama has 112,474 followers
McCain: @JohnMcCain (is it real?) 4,603 followers

Obama has 240 times more followers in Twitter than McCain

So what does this all mean?  I guess the ultimate, final meaning will be revealed later tonight when the final polls are cast.

With Obama spending more than 2x than the McCain campaign, he certainly waged a stellar campaign that left no stone unturned…and certainly none in the social media spheres. But if were just looking at the numbers, one would assume that Obama’s message did get out there to more people than McCain’s.  The other “good news” – for both sides – is that people were listening.

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  1. juliann says:

    Ok, it’s over now and it’s clear. It apparently worked. Obama’s outreach and message was heard across all channels, mediums, mixes. Now we enter a few more years with Democrats at the helm.

    What can we learn from this? Alot, actually. While will not be able to correlate actual votes, what we did see is America consume a message – one of their own making I might add – and become believers of a vision. When it’s done right, it will move mountains, and countries as we see it today.

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