Summit Presentation: Take Your Search Engine Marketing to the Next Level 2010

Every year for the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit, I give an annual update on what’s happening in the world of search engine marketing.  I always find it interesting how much things change from year to year. This year social media is having an impact on search engine marketing, adding a new “real time” element to the world of search.  Being found isn’t just about having the right content, it’s also about being in social media networks and building large but relevant networks.

Google still dominates the world of search with 10 billion searches in July 2010 (Yahoo and Microsoft follow). Compare that with Facebook’s 395 million searches conducted on its site in January 2010.  Facebook has 400M users with profiles, and it has been investing resources in improving their search capability.  They also recently partnered with Bing, so this is an area that is evolving as we speak. Google cannot rest on its laurels anymore.

There is also a convergence of professional and personal information, it’s becoming harder to separate the two with the prevalent use of Facebook and other social networks.  The bottom line is, the site with the most content wins.  It helps you win in both search and social networks.  Publishing interesting, value-added content is what every business needs to be thinking about as we near the end of 2010 and move into 2011.  Content is still king and the more you can publish to the public (without sacrificing confidential information), the better off your search engine rankings will be. If you are wondering where that content is, we suggest to start where you are and look around for materials that can be put into electronic form: PDFs, PPTs, articles, papers. Then start building a content plan to identify how you can produce more educational, technical information over the next 6-12 months.

To learn more about the details behind my analysis, check out my presentation below.  It is what I presented at the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit in Atlanta.  You can also view the video portion of my presentation on ISA’s Marketing and Sales Summit web site.

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