Technical Writing for Engineers…with a Marketing Spin, New Workshop

I don’t care how old you are, there’s no denying it…digital communications are now the norm. With easy access to each another, this means even more of your workforce is interacting with customers and prospects on a regular basis.

But what are they saying?!?!

Not every email and phone call goes through an approval cycle. Yet each is an opportunity to influence customer decisions at a point along the buying cycle. The best time to communicate your company’s unique differentiation is during the natural flow of conversation…online or offline.

I’m not talking blatant sales pitches that are in marketing materials and sales presentations. Those are already taken care of. But the opportunities to influence customers and prospects are far wider than what marketing and sales have direct control over. What about:
• Applications engineering emails
• Engineering proof of specs reports
• Customer support emails
• And more…

Engineering Reports: No Longer Missed Opportunities

One of our clients, a manufacturer of OEM products, produces an engineering report that analyzes a prospective customer’s application and all physical, chemical, and electrical constraints. It’s a great report, complete with detailed charts and graphs and recommendations on fine-tuning the customer’s design and on which products will work best and why.

But the company realized there was something missing. The engineers have a special rapport with customers. That’s wonderful, but they have no training in how to use their expertise to subtly influence customer decisions…how to write with a marketing spin!

So we ran this new workshop with their Applications Engineering Group, to start. They learned about stakeholder analysis and creating personas and developing value propositions and framing the debate before your competitors get a chance to have their say. The end result was a ton of new energy and excitement about this group being able to positively contribute to the sales cycle. They mapped out a revamped engineering report and dozens of ideas for technical papers and reports that the company can use to reinforce its credibility and influence customers along the buying cycle.

New Corporate Workshop from Telesian Technology

We work with a lot of engineering-driven departments within technology organizations: marketing, sales, applications engineering, customer support, and production. We see this missed opportunity time and again.

So we are pleased to introduce a new Workshop: Technical Writing for Engineers…with a Marketing Spin™

In this 2-day workshop, your customer-facing technical personnel will learn:
• How to frame an issue to highlight your organization’s strengths
• How to position your company as a thought leader
• How and when you can influence prospects’ design decisions before they occur
• How to turn emails and proposals into opportunities to build your brand and outmaneuver the competition

The workshop is custom-designed for each corporation to reflect the particular capabilities of your products and services, and the challenges of your customers’ applications. Each day includes a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises. The workshop culminates in the writing of

• Introduction to Thought Leadership
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Developing Personas
• Positioning & the Battle for Mind Share
• Understanding Value Propositions
• Deconstructing the Competition
• Creating Elevator Pitches

• Brainwriting
• SWOT Analysis
• Framing the Debate
• Constructing a Story
• Deconstructing Example White Papers…where did you or your competitors go wrong
• Embracing Social Media: Keys to success for blogs, videos, podcasts, and content management
Final Project: Writing with a Marketing Spin. Choice of report, white paper, technical article, or blog post

Technical Writing for Engineers…with a Marketing Spin™ is taught on-site to ensure maximum participation from customer-facing personnel.

For information on pricing and scheduling a workshop, contact Shari Worthington or call (508) 755-5242.


  1. Ruth Winett says:


    This course is much needed. Everyone in a company should wear a marketing hat, but especially the people who design and sell or help sell products and services.

    Ruth Winett
    Winett Associates

  2. sharilee says:

    You’re right, Ruth. Since the advent of widespread Internet access, there are a heck of a lot more customer-facing employees in companies. But only sales and marketing staff have any training on how to handle these interactions, let alone how to use these new interactions as opportunities. Competition is fierce. We need everyone wearing a marketing hat.

  3. Nikki says:

    Great idea!

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