The Blog Team

Welcome to Telesian Technology’s blog!  We’re glad you are here.  The Telesian blog is a work-in-process and a team effort.  There are a few faces that are making the posts behind our blog, we thought we’d introduce them to you.

First up, the one, the only…Shari Worthington, also known as the Marketing Goddess.  Read her bio for more dirt on that.

Second up is Juliann Grant, another behind the scenes wizard sprinkling her goodness around.  Read her bio here.

Occasionally you may see a post by our Chief Technology Officer.  He’s the guru who knows how all this stuff behind the scenes work, which is important.  And he’s got a great way to explain things in layman’s terms so it’s the best of both worlds.

And last but NEVER least is Linda Caswell, our rock in the foundation.  Linda is the inside person to know, because only she knows what’s going on all the time and where Shari is…and where she’s not…:-)

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