The Importance of Findability

Markets are conversations and those conversations have changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet. Human information interaction is no longer simply about retrieving data. People exchange goods, services, ideas, and values in an intricate dance of push and pull. And we in marketing must fully embrace both push and pull approaches that utilize the entire spectrum of interaction. But our bias is towards push and, as a result, we are missing opportunities to make products more findable.

But remember, our prospects and customers can’t use what they can’t find.

According to Peter Morville, author of Ambient Findability, many web site designers ask themselves, “can users find what they need from the home page? It’s an important question, but it ignores the fact that many users don’t start from the home page. Powerful search tools, directories, blogs, social bookmarks, [technical magazines,] and syndications services are moving deep linking and content sampling from exception to rule. Many of your users will never visit your home page.”

I highly recommend the book, Ambient Findability.

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