The New Automation Hot Spot: The ISA Interchange

A couple of weeks ago, the International Society of Automation launched their first social media effort to bring visibility to the worlds’ brightest minds in automation technology through the ISA Interchange.  As both Eoin O Riain and Jim Cahill have already pointed out, the ISA Interchange is meeting place for ISA members and automation technology professionals at large to share, collaborate and exchange ideas to advance automation technology and the automation profession.

“We’ve integrated today’s successful social networking tools with some of the richest resources in the automation field,” said ISA Executive Director and CEO, Pat Gouhin. “ISA Interchange provides rich ISA resources for our members, our customers and the automation community.”

Gouhin continued, “One of our key priorities was to spark discussions about automation topics across technologies. Technicians, engineers, managers, students, all expect instant access to information, and we’re pleased to give them a tool that will enhance their success.”

The ISA Interchange will integrate multiple social media touch points including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, photos on Flickr, and live and recorded presentations on LiveStream.  A YouTube and Slideshare channel is also being brought online as we write this entry.

ISA members from across the world are encouraged to share their papers, presentations, research notes on ISA Interchange to increase the visibility of the technology expertise that resides among the association’s members.  Submitting content is easy with this upload page.

We hope you check it out and bookmark it for future referral.  And if you are an ISA member, be sure to submit some content on you or your company’s behalf to share the good work being done in your industry and profession!

ISA Interchange


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