The New Era of Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications

“All advertising isn’t dead. Just bad advertising.” — Wall Street Journal 

With new media channels popping up almost daily, it’s increasingly difficult to know where your prospective customers are finding the information they need to make sound purchase decisions. Do they turn to paid media or earned media or owned media or a mixture? Where are they in the buying cycle when they do finally find your brand? 

customer buying cycle

Source: eConsultancy

Buyers are dramatically shifting both their media usage patterns and how they utilize different media sources to get the information they seek, which thus influences when, where, and how they choose brands. The path to purchase is also changing, often less hierarchical yet more complex.

As a result, the 21st Century communications mix requires a blend of promotional tools designed to create a favorable predisposition toward your brand and communicate directly with audiences…wherever they may be. Traditional advertising has morphed into Integrated Marketing Communications, the use of a wide range of promotional tools to create consistent, widespread brand exposure. 

How integrated is your communications program? Are you blending paid, earned, and owned media to move your prospects along the buying cycle?

integrated marketing communications

The Impact of Paid, Earned, and Owned Media. Source: Batra & Keller, 2016.

Using the strengths of the wide array of media choices available, marketers can now sequence them in more powerful ways to move buyers more quickly along the buying cycle, filling the marketing funnel. But this requires multiple communication attempts to inform, persuade, and propel action. One message needs to build on another, such as a new product announcement opening the door to a demo opportunity, or a technical article leading to a data sheet download. As a result, marketers need to pay attention to not only the individual messages, but what they can accomplish in an sequence of messages. Recent research has confirmed interactions and cross-effects across new and old media options, including search, display, mobile, TV, social media, word of mouth, and more (Batra & Keller, 2016). 

Successful integration of an Integrated Marketing Communications program is critical for driving brand building and sales. Telesian’s team of marketing professionals can help you create a high impact IMC program that stimulates demand for your product, encourages a response, and creates a favorable attitude toward your brand and the company itself. 

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