There is Such a Thing as Too Much Marketing

My family and I are in Britain for the week. As soon as I hit Heathrow Airport, I was shocked by the number of marketing messages that abounded. Every nook and cranny is filled with a logo or a branding message or a blatant advertisement. There is so much, it’s too much. You quickly shut down and stop noticing it altogether.

In the US, we certainly have more than enough ads to go round. And we’ve had to compensate for the fact that many people are trying to avoid ads. Have you noticed how loud TV ads are? That’s to make sure you can hear them when you jump up to run to the kitchen or facilities!

How much is too much? Before long, the only way to get someone to try a new product is to get a friend to recommend it. But how do you get that first new customer when no one wants to hear your pitch?

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