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In response to our recent blog post, Building Thought Leadership: White Papers, Blogs, and More, we received an interesting bit of news from Vance VanDoren, PhD, System Integration Editor for Control Engineering Magazine.

Trade magazines like Control Engineering are eagerly seeking informative material that will be interesting and useful to our readers in the industrial automation industry. There was a time when we felt the need to create that content ourselves, but not anymore. These days, we’ve come to rely more and more on contributed articles from the subject matter experts who are out in the real world developing and applying automation technology.

This is an incredible turnaround. Twenty years ago we had to fight tooth-and-nail to get published in the limited number of pages of industry trade journals. Only the best of the best articles about innovations and applications made it into print. Today, two things have changed…(1) Trade journal web sites give them virtually unlimited space to publish and (2) Global competition has pushed many companies to hone their craft and become subject matter experts. So while there are more page available and more “experts”, those same experts are in demand for their technical skills and tend to devote little time to disseminating their knowledge. (Thus we circle back to the need for our article on Thought Leadership.) Many industry magazines haven’t come close to filling their pages to capacity, especially if you consider their web site pages. They’d publish a lot more contributed articles if they could get them.

So Vance asked us to point out to our readers that:

Not only SHOULD they try to get published for the benefit of their professional image, it’s relatively EASY to get published in the 21st century. Their contributions don’t even need to be literary masterpieces. We [Control Engineering] can take care of putting all the commas and semi-colons in the right place. All we need is a readable rough draft with some interesting and useful content. We’ll take it from there!

Here are a couple of examples from Vance. This one is by a cadre of end users, “Control and stabilization of a multiple boiler plant can be improved by using an advanced process control (APC) approach.” And this example is by a vendor, “How sophisticated signal processing and advanced applications are expanding the measurement palette.” Note that both articles include informative, author-generated illustrations – diagrams, photos, charts, etc. These are critical. Without them, the article is DOA. No amount of editing can save it.

I don’t want to publish e-mail addresses on here for fear of generating more spam for these hard working editors. But if you’re looking for contacts, contact Telesian. And if you’re looking for help creating that draft technical article and illustrations, we can help you with that, as well. We are former editors ourselves and technology writers who are sticklers about our work…so we have an easy time getting our clients’ articles published, even back in those print-only days ๐Ÿ™‚

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