Top 5 Faves week ending 1-22-10

This week we take a look at a few different articles, and run the range of topics from what Rockwell is doing with their social media strategy to a great blog post that outlines how to create a world class customer experience.  Enjoy!


1. Rockwell Automation Makes Social Marketing a Strategic Channel

I was pleased to read this article and see that large companies like Rockwell have the right approach when it comes to social marketing.  Web site visits are not the goal for Rockwell, can we get an amen there? They are looking at how to integrate this into all their marketing efforts, and are experimenting with more sharing activities with technical personnel and more.  Love to hear it.

2.  Cisco, Social Media, and the Art of the Press Release

What I liked about this article was it highlighted that we really need to be careful with our strategic marketing messages.  In this article, the author talks about being able to read the tea leaves a little too clearly in Cisco’s attempt to instill “fear” as a method to drive further action.  Easy does it a transparent world….

3.  Twelve Steps in Creating a Bootylicious Facebook Page

Is bootylicious a word?  Lol…I still love it.  And to be clear this article was actually published the week before last, but it is still worth sharing.  Many clients we work with have put up a Facebook Fan Page, but then don’t know what to do next.  John Haydon shares 12 no-nonsense tips to making your Facebook Fan Page stand out.

4.  Email for Life

How well do you re-market your products and services to your customers and prospects?  This article highlights how we can remarket more effectively by watching how buyers engage. For example if your system notes that a buyer has abandoned a shopping cart for your product catalog, do you re-engage that buyer within a couple of days to remind them?  How often have we all abandoned our shopping efforts due to a life distraction?  This article talks about a recent research report called “The Remarketing Report” and while some of the data is B2C (and B2B), there is a nugget or two in there to learn.

5.  Is Your Customer Service World Class?

Written by Frank Eliasson, the well-known customer service master behind @comcastcares and recently highlighted in BusinessWeek talks turkey about what it takes to create a world class experience for your customers.  If you are thinking about how to bring social tools to your customer service functions, then check out this post.

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