Top 5 Faves week ending 3-12-10

This week’s Top 5 Faves talks alot about what’s happening in social media, it includes an update on how the Fortune 500 areheart using social media tools, discussion around why social media policies don’t work, and the challenges the CNN President is having with social media in general.  Also, we added yet another discussion point about newspapers and what they need to be thinking about with PPT presentation from Google’s chief economist. Finally, we finish our top five with a smooth glass of merlot…oops I meant a smooth article that shares copy writing tips for good search engine optimization.  Let’s get to it:

1.  Most Factual:  Socializing with the Fortune 500
In this article (you have to scroll down the page a bit, the layout is terrible), we discover that the Fortune 500 are finally catching up with using social media tools.  Twitter appears to be a winner, with 35% of the companies have a corporate twitter account, along with  increased adoption of public blogs from 16% in 2008 to 22% in 2009.  This is good news, but they should not relax or anything. They are still behind the 8-ball when compared to smaller and mid-size companies who have more like a 50% adoption of social media tools.  A couple of good graphs are included here in case you are looking for PPT fodder.

2.  Most Compelling:  Hal Varian Is Right: Newspapers Need to Engage
Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian, gave a presentation on newspapers and their financial problems that is well worth taking some time to read (or view).  Varian points out some very sobering facts about the challenges for newspapers, it isn’t Google’s fault that there was a demise, and suggests that more engagement is needed. You think?  Would love your feedback on this.

3.  Most Concerning:  Social networks a challenge to cable news: CNN US president
For those companies who are wondering how to fit social networking in with their business, you’re not alone.  CNN’s US president makes a few statements about why they have not jumped right into the fray….yet.

4.  Most Informative:  Why Social Media Policies Don’t Work
I really liked this article because it reflects some of the concerns I had shared in a previous post about social media policy dilemmas.  Control is the issue, and policies are an attempt to control.  However the policy shared in this article shows how some of the control is really impossible to manage in the long run.  Pre-approve tweets?  Doesn’t that just kill the whole thing?

5.  Most Practical:  Five Areas to Focus On for Effective SEO Copywriting
Search engine optimization is getting more important every day.  I have a number of listening tools that tell me what’s getting picked up on Google, etc, and there is an art to writing good copy so that it gets picked up by search engines.  This article offered a number of good useful tips that we can incorporate into the way we write copy for just about anything.  That never hurts!

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