Top Five Faves – week ending July 23rd

This week’s issue is focused on social media because I read several articles last week that touched on questions I’ve been asked recently.  Questions like:  Are there good examples of Facebook B2B pages?  Is auto-tweeting everything ok to do?  How are some of the big companies doing with social media?  I hope you found these as valuable as I did. 

1.  Most Useful:  Updated B2B Facebook Page Examples with Data
This blog post is actually a 2-part post – make sure to read the original post too to get the full picture – but it shows some growth of B2B Facebook pages across corporations.  Dell’s been most successful, seeing 259% growth in their “likable” base (what the heck do we call our customers on pages, now that “fan” is out…but I digress.).  Cisco has grown 202%, Forrester grew 44%, check out the latest stats.

2.  Most Insightful: Q&A: Cisco’s Doug Webster
I love a good Q&A, and this one by Doug Webster, director at strategic communications at Cisco doesn’t disappoint.  Perhaps a new idea or two will come to mind as you learn how Cisco is working social media into their marketing efforts.

3.  Most Interesting:  The ROI of Social Media Marketing: More than Dollars and Cents
What I liked about this post was seeing Forrester’s thought process for measuring social media ROI using a balanced scorecard approach.  It allowed to address both the intangible benefits, like brand awareness, along with the tangible benefits like sales leads and actual sales as a result of activities.  It was good food for thought.  Let’s see how implementable it is.  It could be the start of a framework…

4.  Most Helpful:  The Pros and Cons of Auto Tweeting Blog Posts
This is a question we’ve been asked several times, and it’s important to understand.  While it’s easiest to automatically share tweets across social networks, it’s not always the best policy.  This article shows you how to reconsider making your posts more engaging.  But, to make a bigger point, take a look at the recent experiment by MI6’s Chris Hebert who explored how this activity is really received.

5.  Most Risky:  Ben & Jerry’s Drops Email Marketing In Favor of Social Media
I love it when companies take risks, and in this case, Ben & Jerry’s is certainly taking a risk by eliminating their email marketing.  They have found that their customers are more engaged in social media networks than email.  In doing this, they are saving the expense of an email service.  We’ll see if this is works or not, but it looks like it is so far.  Can marketing live on social media alone? I’m not a believer yet, especially in B2B.  But we gotta hand it to B&J for leading the pack in making a decision many of us would gasp at.

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