Top Five Faves: Jul 12 Edition

We’re happy to welcome back our Top 5 Faves, which highlights five articles we’ve read over the past week or two that we thought you’d like to know about.  Last week was packed with good tidbits to share, and hope you find them as interesting as I did.  Here’s the best of the best from last week:

#1:  Most Helpful:  MediaPost Publications Your Post-Vacation Email Marketing Checklist 07/01/2010

This post was definitely bookmark-worthy because it includes a comprehensive checklist to consider when planning and managing email marketing programs.  If you are planning or in the middle of an email program, take a look at these questions, there’s bound to be something there you forgot about.

#2:  Most Interesting:  11 Lessons For Social Media’s Future | Brass Tack Thinking

In Amber’s unabashed style, she lays out some important lessons that companies have learned when starting down the social media path.   I especially liked #3 on Common Denominators, which brings up a great point that while some things have changed with social media, not everything has and we need to continue our meat-and-potatoes marketing programs and use social media to support those efforts to get the best leverage.

#3 Most surprising:  More people LinkedIn than tweeting – SFGate

This was a fact that surprised me.  I also just read that Facebook’s growth slowed way down last month, from 320,800 new monthly active users in June, compared to the outstanding 7.8 million it gathered in May.  Perhaps things are leveling off now, and we can finally focus on how best to apply social media tools in business.

#4 Most Shocking:  Octavia Nasr Leaving CNN After Controversial Hezbollah Tweet

A good reminder that we are all accountable for what we say and write online. Let’s remember to take a pause when we are feeling emotional or dealing with sensitive subjects that we stop and think…could this backfire on me?

Most funny:  The 20 craziest things you can do on Twitter | {grow}

I really like Mark’s blog, and I thought this post was a classic.  I didn’t know a few of these facts and thought you’d find it funny too…!  Like…did you know you can befriend lactating cows?  How did I ever miss that!

Have a great week and enjoy!

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