Top Five Faves: Week ending July 16th

I’m writing this Top Five Faves from the road, I’ve found a nice Barnes & Nobles cafe to connect and catch up briefly.  Last week was all over the map with good articles, it was hard to pick just 5!  From last week’s Old Spice campaign (never seen anything like it) along with a couple of Google clips that indicate they are clearly moving into social media,  it was an interesting week.  I especially liked the  PPT on the social network in real life, it’s a little long, but a quick browse will reveal a fascinating view of social networks.  Surely something to think about.  Well, enough of this…let’s get to it:

#1.  Most interesting:  Old Spice vs. Fast Company
I know I mentioned the Old Spice campaign last Friday, but this is a different look at the campaign in comparison to Fast Company’s “Influence” campaign, which seemed to annoy some folks in social media circles.  I also want to give props to Lucretia Pruitt who shared this link using a new app called Amplify… I’m going to investigate that app a little further, it looks promising.

#2.  Most informative:  The Real Life Social Network v2

This is the PPT I mentioned.  It was authored by Paul Adams who is part of the UX team at Google (you can read more about what he’s doing in the PPT notes).  To summarize, he is doing research in how social networks really work, and the complexities therein.  I found some of the ideas refreshing because there are nuances in our social networks that can be challenging when delivering the right content to whom.  I’m excited that Google is looking this seriously…as noted in the next article.

#3.  Most Telling:  Google Conducting Focus Group Research Into Social Networking

Seems like we’ll be seeing a Google-version of Facebook and Twitter…or something like that.  Time will tell.  What have you heard?

#4: Most Not Surprising:  More On Buying Banners = Burning Money: The Guarantee 07/13/2010

Ok, what’s “most not surprising” you say…. I had a hard time coming up with a good descriptor for this one. But it was a validation point for us here at Telesian.  We’ve often recommended clients to not get involved with buying web site banners as their return on investment is minimal.  We do recommend online advertising in the form of e-newsletter text ads because we’ve seen them perform time and again, as well as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  Of course PPC requires on-going management to really make it work. But, in case you were thinking about buying banners with next year’s budget, think again.  If it’s purely for brand awareness, that’s one thing.  We can’t argue with that. But if you’re looking for leads and traffic, well, there may be better options out there.

#5. Most Funny:  14 Stages of Writing a Book | Content Rules

I really like Ann Handley’s (@MarketProfs) writing style, it’s down to earth and funny.  It looks like she is authoring a new book with CC Chapman, called “Content Rules” and I’ll definitely be reading it.  This article is Ann’s description of the “stages” that a writer goes through when writing a book.  I haven’t written one yet, but this resonated with me.   My turn will come soon…and I know I’ll be falling into this process she wrote about.

Enjoy!  Have a great week all!    Any of these articles resonate with you?  Let me know which ones…I’d love to hear about it.

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