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This year we wanted to turn over a new leaf at the Telesian blog, and do more regular updating with both opinion articles as well as sharing information we read in a given week.   heart

In fact, we are taking a page out of our good friend, Jon DiPietro’s DomesticatingIT blog where he puts together the “High Five” series and shares the top 5 articles he read in the last week.  So, we are going to experiment with our own version of the High Five, calling it “TT’s Faves for the Week.”    Let me know what you think about this, we’d love your feedback.

Our favorite reading picks over last week, week ending Jan. 15th:

#1: AW: Social Networking Tools Penetrate Manufacturing

From January’s Automation World, Wes Iverson takes a closer look at how social tools are penetrating manufacturing, and things like Wiki’s are taking off for internal sharing and such. What was also interesting to learn was how users of ERP systems are pushing for social sharing tools in their ERP applications.  It’s a logical extension, but is interesting to see the huge turnaround that 2009 had in the role of communications across all dimensions of business.  Can you say acquisition?

#2 A New Age for Social Media Marketing

Brian Solis is an author and thought leader in new media and its role in business.  In this article, he breaks down a recent MarketingSherpa 2010 Social Media report, which outlines the shifting nature of new media  in our businesses  – from the initial trial phase into  the transition phase into the third and last phase, which is strategic.  2009 was the year of trial, as many folks got their feet wet in social networking.  So, where’s it all heading?  Brian shares his thoughts, along with a few great charts shared that may be useful  in an upcoming presentation you may have on social media strategy.  Charts like the “Technology Buyer’s Voice of Choice by Social Media Platform” was interesting and along with “Aligning Social Media Objectives with Metrics”.

#3 BtoBOnline Gartner: Mobile to dominate, Internet marketing at risk

While this is not a shock, it’s something we need to be thinking about in 2010.  Are your web sites, blogs, wiki’s, etc optimized for mobile?  Is there a mobile-type application that could be developed that would increase the value and use of your products and services?  All very important thoughts for this year. Gartner suggests that smart phones will replace computers by 2013.  Wow.  How ready are you?

#4 BW:Zappos Retails its Culture

Zappos is one of those companies that has a fascination element to them, especially around their culture.  WIth their fantastic growth and acquisition last year from Amazon, clearly they are doing some things right.  One of those things is their culture..  This article highlights some of CEO Tony Hsieh’s thoughts about the culture at Zappos, and why it’s so essential in business to succeed.

#5 Funny: NYT:  Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky

Have you ever bumped into something while you were talking on your mobile phone?  I know I sure have.  What I didn’t know is that more than 1k people visited an emergency room in 2008 due to not paying attention when talking on a cell phone.  And I’m sure this number will only rise for 2009.


Well, I hope you enjoyed some of these links. Would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks for reading, and watch for these posts every Monday.

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