Twitter Usage Soars

All entrepreneurs dream of the hockey stick shaped growth curve. Twitter has now clearly hit that mark. According to ComScore Media Metrix, the number of visitors to increased by 131% from February to March 2009, reaching 9.3 million.


Of course, now they need to add revenue and profits to make that curve really meaningful ­čÖé

We’ve been analyzing some of the tech business sectors and their presence on Twitter. It’s still early days for many, but there’s definitely a future for Twitter in business communications.

The biggest challenge is for companies to move beyond corporate-speak and learn to talk with customers and prospects in a natural, more personal way. We told one client, who writes a great technical blog, to let his personality shine through. He’s got a great sense of humor. The whole reason the Web 2.0 mediums are experiencing such phenomenal growth is that people want a different way to interact.

Not surprisingly, the most Internet savvy people are able to make the transition fairly easily. Take these Twitter posts from @Google:

True fact: 64% of Apps fans have checked their Gmail from the toilet. Tell us how obsessive you are –

Reading @computerworld interview with Alfred Spector, our VP for research – some ideas on future of search

uh oh, prolonged stop in central Kansas required search for [how to jump start a car battery] #roadtrip

These posts are superb ways to tell stories about the usefulness and ubiquity of Google products. Don’t just cut and paste lead-ins from press releases. Type what you would say if you were face-to-face with a customer. Be original, be down to earth, be interesting.

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