Videos: Do Something Unexpected or Really Interesting

The long, sanitized corporate video is now a big no-no. They’re boring and less than useful. And the over the top production quality is an immediate indicator to viewers that it’s probably a marketing piece done mostly for the company’s benefit.

The Internet and Youtube have dramatically changed expectations when it comes to videos. As long as the picture is fairly clear, you can shoot with your computer or your home video camera and people won’t think any less of your company.

The tricky part, as with all marketing, is to be engaging. Here are two approaches. The first is an ad from the John West Salmon company. It does something unexpected.

The other approach is to be really interesting like this “Dream the Impossible” interview with Honda engineers about how the company “kicks out the ladder” to help them strive for big innovations.

I also really like the Honda “Dreams vs Nightmares” video here.

Btw, I hope someone is taking advantage of the positioning that with all the US manufacturing plants owned by Honda and Toyota, you can now buy from them and still “buy American.”

Oops…almost forgot to include one of the best corporate videos ever, the “Will it Blend” series from Blendtec. Wait til you see what they do to this iPhone!

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