Web Site Winners in 2007

An interesting report came out that noted some of the highest growth web sites for 2007.   Google continues to dominatethe search engine market representing 56% of the searches conducted on the Internet.  YellowBook.com topped visitor growth numbers, followed by Facebook and a few other notables.  Read on…

Published today in B2B Online’s Newsletter from a recent ComScore survey:

  • Top property in terms growth of visitors was Yellow Book Network, which increased 137% to 10.4 million visitors in December compared with December 2006.
  • Facebook.com, which opened its user base to all users last year, shot up 81% to 34.7 million visitors in December, compared with a year earlier.
  • Properties that followed were Craigslist.org, Wikipedia and AT&T, which all posted healthy gains. AT&T’s 27% growth to 30.2 million visitors was aided by its deal with Apple to be the exclusive carrier for the iPhone.
  • Google continued its dominance and growth trajectory in search, with 5.6 billion searches in December, up 30% from the year-earlier period.
  • Yahoo was a distant second with 2.2 billion searches, followed by Microsoft (940 million), Time Warner Network (442 million) and Ask Network (415 million).
  • More than 113 billion core searches were conducted in the U.S. in all of 2007, with Google sites accounting for nearly 64 billion, representing a 56% share of the market.

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