WEBINAR 3/19: How to Price Solutions Without Giving the Software Away

All too often, industrial companies set product prices based on their incremental costs and wind up under-valuing their products. If hardware-based products are priced incorrectly, can this be avoided when prices are set for software deliverables that have very low incremental costs? How can a company get software revenue when they encourage hardware sales by giving software away? How should a company deal with customers who expect software to be free? Find out how to stop leaving money on the table when pricing the software component of systems…

Join us March 19, 12:00pm eastern for
ISA Marketing & Sales: Getting Paid Fairly from Software Sales


In this webinar, Jim Geisman of Software Pricing Partners will show how systematic pricing and packaging of software can increase revenue and profits including:
• How software pricing techniques compare with hardware pricing
• How a software pricing model can improve pricing quality
• How software deliverables change the tasks of sales and marketing
• How to overcome the challenges of software revenue generation

Jim Geisman is founder and principal of Software Pricing Partners, Inc. Since 1990, he has helped B2B senior managers address fundamental pricing issues affecting business success. Before founding Software Pricing Partners, he held marketing management positions at Tektronix and served as the first director of marketing at Apollo Computer. He was also a member of the ARPANET team at Bolt Beranek and Newman where he performed throughput testing of the forerunner of the Internet. Jim is widely published and an expert in software pricing strategy and sales negotiations. He is a sought after speaker for computer trade and industry association meetings. He has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and an MBA from Harvard.

Jim will be doing a full-day pricing workshop, http://bit.ly/PPS-SWP-workshop, at the Professional Pricing Society meeting in May 2013.

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