The What’s Working in Marketing Experiment in Online Communications

Clients often ask us to share the best of the many articles and research the staff reads (and writes) on marketing, business models, digital marketing, social media, psychology of marketing, etc. For years, I’ve been searching for an easy and effective way to do this. We’ve experimented with all sorts of new tools along the way. We then pick and choose which make the most sense to roll out to clients.

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 4.06.52 PMThis experiment has produced a whole series of thought leadership e-pubs called What’s Working in Marketing. We use a variety of formats so readers can choose which best suits their  style. We started — oh so many years ago — with our What’s Working in Marketing enewsletter. That then lead to the corporate blog, special topic ebooks, Twitter, Facebook, and most recently, our daily hot news update via

NOTE: Our Google+ and LinkedIn accounts are still personal profiles as we’re running out of human bandwidth for the moment. And any decent social media strategist will tell you to focus on the networks that best serve your customer base…don’t overextend yourself as you won’t be able to do justice on those networks where you  have a presence.

Our most recent experiment has led us to Flipboard, a social news magazine that you customize with exactly the content you want. You find an article online, “flip it” into your e-magazine, then share the URL with readers. It’s available via web browser or mobile app. I have to say, I’m really liking this experience.

FlipboardCoverHere is a sampling of the contents of the latest issue of the What’s Working in Marketing flipboard:

– The History of the English Language, Animated

– A Simple Content Marketing Org Chart

– Why People Unsubscribe from Your Email List

– Google’s Zero Moment of Truth Meets the Ultimate Moment of Truth

– Marketers Expect to See Lead Gen from PPC Campaigns

– How Cisco Transformed its Marketing Strategy to Better Serve Customers

– The State of Social Business 2013

– What Do You Do Online — INFOGRAPHIC

– Making Your Own Keywords

– Blogging: Let’s Call it White Paper-ing

– Latest Research from WPI’s User Xperience Design Lab

Take a look at let us know what you think about the use of the site/app and about the content we’re including here. Should we include more? Less?

The only item on my wish list for Flipboard so far is a way to categorize the contents, e.g. Search marketing, social media, brand development. I’ve passed several suggestions on to the folks and they were happy to include the new features.

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