What’s Working in Marketing Now an App

I love the speed with which new Internet development tools hit the market. Here’s one that let’s you create a mobile app in just a few minutes. App Factory from Mippin.com. $20 to create the app, $750 each for distribution in an app store. Android and Windows Phone 7 are currently supported. The iPhone is due out shortly. Or you can distribute the URL for use in web browsers for FREE.

So we decided to test it out. We converted the Telesian “What’s Working in Marketing” enews & blog into app format. You can input four RSS content feeds, so we included the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit blog, as well.

Download the What’s Working in Marketing app to see the final version.

The design elements include the company logo and a new mobile icon:

Here is the final app:

Whats Working in Marketing app

Here is what you see when you click on an article:

It appears that the initial design will only show one image per article, so at the end, you get a link to the full article on your blog or web site or wherever…

Whats working in marketing

And, finally, here’s the control panel where you can make changes:

All in all, quick and easy to create an app. The hard part is…and always way…creating informative and compelling content. Feel free to call us for help with that ­čÖé

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