Why Can’t I Just Run a Few PPCs?

I just gave a talk to a group of marketing professionals and students about the “7 Deadly Sins of Web Marketing.” The reason I started giving this talk is because a lot of people assume that the best way to run a web marketing program is to set up a few pay per click ads on Google and then be done with it.

While I like Google as much as the next guy, let me just warn you. You have to be careful where you spend your money. It’s easy to waste money online.

For instance, did you know that 70-87% of all search engine clicks come from the natural search listings, not the pay per click ads? That’s why search engine optimization (the process for improving your web site so it ranks better in the organic search listings) is a critical piece of today’s marketing budget.

Our recommendation is to start with a good, solid web site with lots of educational content, optimize it for high natural search rankings, then supplement with a pay per click ad program if you’re having a tough time getting to the top of the listings.

A good SEO program can take a few months before you’ll start getting those great rankings. So while you’re working on that, use the PPCs. But don’t rely on them solely as the quality and quantity of inquiries isn’t the same.

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